Swazi Mobile

Early Bird SIM Card Registration

Terms and Conditions

The first 25,000 customers who commit early and eventually buy Swazi Mobile SIM cards will be rewarded with free on-net (in country) SMSs for a lifetime period. The SMSs will be capped at 500 every month, after which normal SMS rates will apply.

To Qualify for the Early Bird SIM Card Registration Promotion

  • Log into Swazi Mobile page: www.swazimobile.com
  • Click on Early Bird SIM Registration
  • Enter your valid cellphone number & email address and nearest town
  • The email address will be verified by a confirmation link being sent to your inbox.
  • Once the email address is confirmed, an Early Bird thank you message will be sent that confirms the completed Registration.
  • When Swazi Mobile goes live, customers will be notified via their email addresses and advised of the nearest pickup point, where they will then choose their preferred packages and activate the SIM Cards.

Terms and Conditions

This promotion applies to SMSs originating from Swazi Mobile SIM Cards to Swazi Mobile numbers whilst in-country (excludes SMSs to international destinations, Premium Numbers and those sent when roaming).

The Promotion applies only to Person to Person SMSs, any deviation from this condition will lead to cancellation of the offer.

The unlimited offer is subject to a fair use policy of 500 SMSs per month.

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